Our 'Champions for good health' have provided the following messages of support for Women's Health Week 2021.

Karen Price MBBS, FRACGP
President RACGP

"One of the most important things I’ve learned is to include myself in my circle of care.

I look after a lot of people in my job, my community and family. I must always remind myself to include myself in that care. My toolbox for self-care includes adequate sleep, music, time with my loved ones, nature walks, and lots of belly laughs. Finding something to be thankful for every day is underrated. Life is bigger than any of us, so one step in front of every other step is key. Be true to your uniquely beautiful inner self. Look after her first."

Ita Buttrose AC, OBE
Journalist, author and ABC Chair

"Women’s Health Week is a wonderful initiative that reminds women that they need to think of good health as their No 1 asset. All too often however, many women put the needs of everyone else ahead of their own. They are so busy juggling the demands of their busy lives and families that they ignore health warning signs Women’s Health Week reinforces the importance of women making time to maintain their own good health and of making it a priority."

Rosemary Kariuki
Advocate for migrant and refugee women, Australian of the Year Local Hero 2021

Rosemary Kariuki

"I connect migrant and refugee women with services and social groups which enables them to share their stories, jobs and experiences. Communities are the best way to pass on knowledge. By helping one woman we can maybe reach another thousand. This Women’s Health Week share your health stories with women in your community and help the women around you better understand their health needs."

Melissa Doyle AM
Journalist, author and media presenter

"Why did I spend so much time packing a healthy lunch box for my children every morning but spend only a few moments grabbing something on the run for myself? Or spend countless hours driving them to training or cheering them at sport, but feel guilty if I took time to walk or go to the gym?  We all know you need to fit your own oxygen mask before you can look after those around you. It’s the same with our health. Scheduling is key. Write your exercise session in your diary, book your health check ups and carve out time to care for you. Do it for you, and those you love."

Janet Michelmore AO
Acting CEO & Patron, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health

Janet Michelmore AO

"Like many women, I haven’t always put my health first. Raising a family, working and looking after others always took priority. Now, as a grandmother, I have two very adorable reasons to change this pattern. So, I walk the dog, play some tennis and ride my boogie board whenever I can, but I do know I need to do more – and more often. So, this Women’s Health Week I’m setting myself a goal to do 30 minutes of physical activity every day. To keep me on track, I’m asking a friend to join me because exercise is always better with a chat and a laugh."