Give a gift that means a little bit more...

This year we are asking you to consider making your Women’s Health Week event mean a little bit more. 

You can help raise much needed funds to help Jean Hailes continue our work; reaching more women and girls in more communities, especially those most in need of our health resources.

If I host an event, do I have to fundraise?

There is no obligation to fundraise at your event, however as a not-for-profit organisation we gratefully accept donations. If you do decide to take donations at a Women’s Health Week event, as part of our T&Cs, we do request that the funds raised are passed on to Jean Hailes and not another organisation.  

What does the money raised go towards?

At Jean Hailes we believe that every woman deserves access to the best health information and support available. Your donation makes a real difference by helping us to provide more women with the information they need to live longer, healthier lives.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

Jean Hailes is a not-for-profit and registered charitable organisation.

Fundraising ideas

Here are a few other ideas of ways you can fundraise for Women's Health Week:
  • Host a morning or afternoon tea with friends with a donation to join.
  • Host an online interactive information session with a local health professional or expert, make it a ticketed event with proceeds going to Jean Hailes.
  • Organise a group hiking trip.
  • Teach a class (cooking, dance, craft) and donate event registration fees.
  • Run a fitness or well-being class with participation fees going to Jean Hailes.
  • Stage a trivia night.
  • Do a workplace event with co-workers - make it informative, or just get active (eg: switch sitting meetings to walking).