• Christina Ng

    Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA)

    "After witnessing the diagnosis, treatments and deaths related to breast cancer in my family, I have learned to be more wary of my diet and my way of living..."

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  • Cadance “Cady” Bell

    Author and Screen Producer/Director

    "You can’t love anyone else until you first love yourself. For me, that means undoing a few years worth of pandemic snacking!"

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  • Alyssa Azar

    Australian Mountain Climber

    "To me, and the women in my community, good health means being able to thrive in life and not just survive..."

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  • Lorna Scott

    Women's Health Nurse

    "It is a privilege to represent the ANMF as a Jean Hailes champion; they are a fantastic organisation whose resources I use all the time."

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  • Dr Linny Phuong

    The Water Well Project

    “Health is a fundamental human right. To be a happy and productive member of society, no matter what your role is, you need to have good health and wellbeing.

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  • Gloria Moyle

    CEO, Goldfields Women's Health Care Centre, Kalgoorlie

    "Growing up in the Goldfields of Western Australia as a young migrant, I have a unique perspective on the challenges women face..."

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  • Karina Noble

    Content Development Officer, Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA)

    "I want to see more accessible spaces available to women and gender diverse people with disability to train in..."

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  • Anna Nunn


    “Women and especially rural women generally ignore the need for a checkup due to distance, long waiting times and being 'too busy''

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  • Heba Shaheed

    Co-founder and CEO of The Pelvic Expert

    "Your pelvic health is of utmost importance and caring for it today will reap long-term benefits."

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  • Kath Mazzella OAM

    Gynaecological health advocate

    "I want women to feel confident to speak with their health professionals about issues often seen as taboo or embarrassing."

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  • Natasha Stott Despoja AO

    UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, Inaugural Chair of Our Watch and Director of Global Citizen

    "I am committed to eliminating the scourge of violence against women..."

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  • Nicky Bath

    CEO, LGBTIQ+ Health Alliance

    "Focusing on our health is really important for LGBTIQ+ people, as we experience significant health disparities."

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  • Tara Moss

    Best-selling author, disability and human rights advocate

    "Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. I’m not talking about shopping or smelly bath bombs..."

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  • Karen Price MBBS, FRACGP

    President RACGP

    "Finding something to be thankful for every day is underrated... Be true to your uniquely beautiful inner self. Look after her first."

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  • Isobel Marshall

    Young Australian of the Year 2021, Co-founder of menstrual hygiene social enterprise Taboo

    "I am constantly reminded of how empowering it is to understand and prioritise our health..."

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  • Rosemary Kariuki

    Australian of the Year Local Hero 2021

    "Communities are the best way to pass on knowledge. By helping one woman we can maybe reach another thousand."

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  • Shelley Ware

    Media presenter, speaker and education consultant

    "Keep talking to others you trust, so you can stay mentally and emotionally strong."

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  • Ita Buttrose AC, OBE

    Journalist, author and ABC Chair

    "Women's Health Week is a wonderful initiative that reminds women that they need to think of good health as their number one asset."

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  • Tina McCarthy

    Founder, Wheel Women

    "I always think of Women’s Health Week as my week to do something that makes me healthier and happier.”

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  • Melissa Doyle AM

    Journalist, author and media presenter

    "Why did I spend so much time packing a healthy lunch box for my children every morning but spend only a few moments grabbing something on the run for myself?"

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  • Emily Quattrocchi

    Champion for good health

    "I also hope that as a Women’s Health Week ambassador, my story might inspire women of all abilities to never give up.”

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  • Sabra Lane

    ABC Broadcaster

    "Daily exercise, do it for life! So many women I know put other people or tasks before themselves. I know because that used to be me."

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  • Karen Booth

    President, Australian Primary Care Nurses Association

    "Life’s pressures can often get in the way of good health..."

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  • Janet Michelmore AO

    CEO & Patron, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health

    "Like many women, I haven’t always put my health first. Raising a family, working and looking after others always took priority."

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