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13 April 2021
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Powering your health this September

Good health is powerful! So for this year’s Women’s Health Week, from 6-10 September, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is inviting women and girls to join the week to find the support, connection and information they need to be healthy in mind and body.

Women’s Health Week is the biggest week in Australia dedicated to good health and wellbeing for women and girls, and supporting the people who care for them.

Held in the first week of September every year since 2013, the health awareness campaign is a perfect time for women to put themselves and their health first.

“Women’s Health Week is a great reminder of the importance of good health, and that a little self-care can go a long way,” says Brenda Jones, Women’s Health Week campaign manager. “So make sure you have the date in your diary and start thinking about how you might celebrate the week.”  

Ms Jones says there are three easy and fun ways for women to power their health this Women’s Health Week.

“First, you can sign up to receive free daily health emails; second, you can host an event and help women connect and support each other; and third, you can join in the ‘Move It’ fundraising challenge to help Jean Hailes change the lives of women living with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome),” she says.

“By signing up early you’ll also receive monthly updates in the lead-up to the week with great tips and ideas for getting involved.”

Women’s health. Powerful stuff.™

About Jean Hailes

Jean Hailes for Women's Health is a national not-for-profit organisation. We have a unique model built on four pillars: education and knowledge exchange; clinical care; research; and policy. We aim to translate the latest scientific and medical evidence to help inspire positive change in women and girls by improving their physical health and wellbeing. Jean Hailes produces evidence-based information reviewed by clinicians. In 2016, Jean Hailes was officially recognised as the Federal Government's national digital gateway for women's health.

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