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03 July 2019
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Planting the seeds of good health and education

We are delighted to show off the result of the first collaboration between Jean Hailes and the Stars Foundation – a unique seedstick bookmark.

The bookmark has been designed by the girls at Tennant Creek High School in the Northern Territory. With both an educational and health focus – to encourage reading and healthy eating – we are pleased to share this gorgeous gift with everyone attending a Women’s Health Week event this year (while stocks last).

The bookmark design celebrates the female elders who play such an important role in the lives of the girls. It features a painting showing women sitting in a union around a fire known as the heart of a gathering. This strong heart provides the power and energy that lights up to attract other women to the union. The heart in turn warms what it touches and provides the sustenance to nourish their families.

Find a good book, a sunny spot and plant the seedsticks to grow your very own basil. Boasting high amounts of vitamins A and C, basil not only gives food a fragrant taste, but aids digestion by calming the muscular action of the gut. Check out the latest issue of the Jean Hailes magazine for a great recipe to use your home-grown basil in.

In every Women's Health Week gift bag (while stocks last)

Enjoy this gift from the girls at Tennant Creek High School, Stars Foundation and Jean Hailes, and plant the seeds of good health this Women’s Health Week.

To learn more about hosting an event for Women's Health Week visit our Host an event page.