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10 September 2020
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Women’s Health Week message from Jenny Morrison

Jenny Morrison, wife of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, is encouraging all women in Australia to get up to date with their health checks this Women’s Health Week.

Jenny (and the family dog Buddy) took the time to make this short video to voice her concern that, during this “crazy year”, many women have been putting off regular health checks, such as mammograms and cervical screening (formerly Pap smears).

Pathology statistics have shown a dramatic decline in cervical screening. Data from a major private laboratory, reflective of national trends, showed that from February to April 2020 – a month after the COVID-19 outbreak – cervical screening rates fell by 67%

By May, cervical screening rates had improved, but were still down by 49% from pre-COVID rates.

While levels across most of Australia were returning to normal in August, rates of cervical screening in Victoria were still down by 38% compared to pre-COVID rates.

Remember, health checks don’t have to stop because of COVID. And if you’re in lockdown, medical tests are a permitted reason for leaving your home.

So, take Jenny Morrison’s advice and make Women’s Health Week the time to “book that appointment”. 

“Your health is so important to you and those around you,” she says.

Watch the video below:

For more information on health checks you need at every life stage, visit https://www.jeanhailes.org.au/health-a-z/health-checks