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25 May 2019
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It’s your week

This year we’re looking forward to bringing you the latest information in women’s health delivered in daily bite size bits. 

Listen to our daily podcast on the train, watch our Facebook live events at work, take a quick quiz or put your feet up and read an article with a cup of tea (below examples).

It’s your week.  Enjoy and learn more about your health. 

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(Following are some of those snippets of content linked above from Women's Health Week 2018)


Hear the personal story of a woman who had heavy periods for more than 25 years, and what Jean Hailes Medical Director Dr Elizabeth Farrell wants all women to know.

Listening time: 9 mins

Live stream on the pelvic floor

Confused about how to correctly strengthen your pelvic floor, or how to remember to actually do it? This live video from last year was recorded at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne with Senior Clinician Physiotherapist Tamara Wraith. She explains how to work your pelvic floor the right way, how to release it, and offers some great tips for daily practice.

The power of change

Bad habits, be gone! Learn the latest from mental health experts about how to make positive changes that last.