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03 May 2022
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Host an event to support and connect women

Women’s Health Week 5-11 September 2022

To celebrate its 10th birthday this year, Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week is inspiring women, girls, and diverse gender people across the country to make their health a priority. The timing couldn’t be more important as we emerge from years of lockdowns and restrictions that may have affected our regular health checks and screenings.

Women’s Health Week, held on 5-11 September, encourages women, girls, and gender diverse people to host an event centred on health and to connect with others in their communities. This has been a theme that has been constant over the past decade as hundreds of workplaces and community groups host health-themed events.

It’s so easy to do and our ‘How to Host’ guide will support you all the way. The focus should be on health and wellbeing. “The events can be educational, celebratory, or just an opportunity to connect with women in your circle, community, or workplace,” explains Renea Camilleri, Women’s Health Week & Community Engagement manager at Jean Hailes.

“We would like you to consider hosting an event whether you are a small book group that catches up monthly, a medical centre that will place the focus on women’s health, or a national organisation planning to run a webinar.”

Hosts also receive from Jean Hailes:

  • Free event registration and promotion on the Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week website
  • Free educational online resources for your event, e.g. fact sheets, podcasts, translated content
  • Priority access to Jean Hailes webinars
  • Priority access to order the Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week bag
  • Free digital promotional kit to support your event including social media tiles, poster and invitation templates.

To learn more about Women’s Health Week events and to download your free event guide full of handy tips for hosting an event, visit the Host an event page. 

About this year’s bag artwork

Illustration for WHW 2022 by Tam Bower

“Inspired by native gardens in springtime, I wanted to create a work of beauty that would evoke joy and hope.  I have used watercolour and ink to create something that I hope captures that exquisite moment when a new bud or flower appears in the garden. These small and simple moments which make up the days, months and years of our lives have guided me through some challenging times.”  (Tam Bower)

About the artist

Tam Bower is an artist and illustrator based in Naarm (Melbourne). She draws from familiar movements in everyday life, relationships, and home to create expressions of emotion and vulnerability. Since graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), she has worked in early childhood education, fashion, and has now found her happy place as an illustrator.

About Jean Hailes

Jean Hailes for Women's Health is a national not-for-profit organisation. We aim to translate the latest scientific and medical evidence to help inspire positive change in women and girls by improving their physical health and wellbeing. Jean Hailes produces evidence-based information reviewed by clinicians. In 2016, Jean Hailes was officially recognised as the Federal Government's national digital gateway for women's health.

For media

For more information on Jean Hailes or Women’s Health Week, please contact Caroline Cottrill on 0438 257 246 or email [email protected] or email [email protected].