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02 September 2019

Georgia Love takes the lead on her health

As an advocate for women’s health and Women’s Health Week, Georgia Love is promoting the week and the importance of looking after your health.

Georgia has been inspired to share her story and priorities about women’s health, having recently been diagnosed with iron deficiency – something she knew very little about.  Georgia’s mum also recently passed away due to pancreatic cancer, which has been another motivator for Georgia to be more vigilant when it comes to her health.

“My mum ignored her symptoms for quite a long time,” says Georgia. “I’m now really, really passionate about telling people not to ignore any signs or symptoms.

“My main message to women during Women's Health Week is to not be scared about getting checked. Whether anyone else thinks that feels right or wrong, if something doesn't feel right to you, get it checked.”

Georgia encourages all women in Australia to join her in being in control of their health during the week. “It’s so important and it’s so easy to make the little changes to take the lead on your health,” she says.

Hear more of Georgia’s story and her messages for Women’s Health Week below.