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10 April 2019
Tags: Media

Education grant set to help women live better lives

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is pleased to announce a major sponsorship in the form of an education grant with Theramex Australia.

The grant will support the work of Jean Hailes in educating women to assist them in actively managing their own health and wellbeing throughout the different stages of their lives. The sponsorship also extends to Women’s Health Week, the national annual health awareness campaign held in the first week of September.

“We are excited to have Theramex as a major sponsor to help us improve women’s knowledge and understanding of important health issues from adolescence to midlife and beyond,” says David Lloyd, CEO, Jean Hales for Women’s Health.

“Theramex, like Jean Hailes, supports women through all of life’s stages and is solely committed to women’s health.”

Glen Pearce, General Manager of Theramex Australia says Theramex is looking forward to the relationship with Jean Hailes and is a huge supporter of its work.

“We are delighted to help not-for-profit organisations such as Jean Hailes for Women’s Health. Jean Hailes does amazing work in the area of women’s health education and provides an invaluable resource to all women across Australia,” says Mr Pearce.