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12 August 2019
Tags: Media

Driving the message far and wide with Mazda

Mazda Australia is supporting Women’s Health Week, helping the team at Jean Hailes for Women’s Health take its campaign on the road.

For the third consecutive year, Mazda Australia is providing a vehicle to Jean Hailes, to ensure Women’s Health Week reaches women and girls in rural and remote communities in the south west Queensland region, including Goondiwindi, Dalby and St George.

This year, we will be attending the QRRR Conference in Goondiwindi, which will bring women living in these communities together to hear thought-provoking and powerful speakers on a range of topics including women’s mental and physical health.

“Reaching these remote communities is always a challenge,” says Brenda Jones, Women’s Health Week campaign manager.

“It is only with access to a vehicle that we are able to deliver our campaign resources into the hands of women and girls in this region, and help their communities celebrate Women’s Health Week.

“Mazda Australia’s support has been invaluable, and we thank them for enabling us to take the campaign so far and wide.”

Mazda Australia’s Queensland State Manager, Luke Bell, says Mazda Australia is “proud to support this important campaign.”

“It’s an honour for us to help the Jean Hailes team broaden the reach of their work,” he says.