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27 May 2019
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Community at the heart of Women’s Health Week

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is again working closely with the Tennant Creek community in the Northern Territory, through its Women’s Health Week campaign, to help engage young women and girls on the importance of good health.

In a collaboration that began in 2018 with the Tennant Creek High School, Department of Health, Stars Foundation, Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation, SARC and other local health organisations, the town is embracing the campaign for the second year to shine a light on the health and wellbeing of females in their community.

According to the Central Australia Health Service’s Health Promoting School Nurse in Tennant Creek, Rebecca Way, Women’s Health Week is the perfect platform to bring a variety of community organisations together.

"The campaign reinforces to women the importance of looking after their health and wellbeing as well as educating girls on steps they can take to help prevent chronic illness later in life.”

The Women’s Health Week gift bags this year will include a bookmark designed by the girls at Tennant Creek High School. It features a painting showing women sitting in a union around a fire which is known as the heart of a gathering and this strong heart provides the power and energy that lights up to attract other women to the union. The heart in turn warms what it touches and provides the sustenance to nourish their families.

“Many girls in our community are lucky to still have the presence of female elders who carry out nurturing activities for their wider families,” says Lida Ziban, program manager Stars Foundation. “They experience first-hand the influence that women have on their family’s wellbeing through her love, her hands and through the power and energy to provide for the collective.”

Community-based events are at the heart of Women’s Health Week and this project shows how Jean Hailes is working with local organisations to help young indigenous women achieve better health and education outcomes.

Jean Hailes is inviting women all around Australia to unlock their own powers for good health. Sign up and make positive changes.

About Women's Health Week

The annual health awareness campaign, Women’s Health Week (2-6 September), is dedicated to improving the health of all women in Australia. Jean Hailes provides valuable health and wellbeing information and tips to women nationally via our website, eDMs, podcasts, information packs, videos and events. In 2018 more than 85,000 women participated in the week with more than 2100 events across the country from Esperance to the Tiwi Islands, and 47,000+ receiving online health content.

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