Thank you for hosting a Women’s Health Week (WHW) event. We appreciate your enthusiasm in supporting Jean Hailes for Women’s Health.

These terms and conditions apply to groups and individuals (Events Host) that are planning to host an event as part of WHW and in support for Jean Hailes for Women’s Health (Jean Hailes). By ticking the box on the online Event Registration Form, you, as the Event Host agree to comply with and to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  1. The WHW campaign is run by Jean Hailes for Women’s Health (ABN 69092915618) of Level 4, 176 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002.
  2. Ticking the box stating that you agree to the terms and conditions on the event registration page is deemedacceptance of all the terms and conditions. If you decide to take donations at a Women’s Health Week event, please read our T&Cs carefully, as funds can only be raised for Jean Hailes for Women’s Health and not for another organisation.
  3. Event Hosts raising money for Jean Hailes for Women’s Health must notify Jean Hailes via the event registration process  
  4. The person registering the details of the event warrants that he/she/they has the authority to do so on behalf of the named organisation and, in doing so, binds the organisation to these terms and conditions.
  5. The event must be properly listed and contain all information requested in the registration form.
  6. All events must be genuine and promote the Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week.
  7. Use of the Women’s Health Week logo and/or Jean Hailes for Women’s Health logo to promote your event is not permitted.
  8. The Event Host is responsible for financing all costs, including rental space and catering. Event Hosts indemnify Jean Hailes for Women’s Health against any and all legal fees, damages and other expenses that may be incurred by Jean Hailes for Women’s Health as a result of a breach of the above.
  9. The Event Host is responsible for gaining any permits, licences or approval to operate their event activity from relevant local and state authorities.
  10. Advertising an event on womenshealthweek.com.au in no way implies that Jean Hailes for Women’s Health endorses the event or its content.
  11. 12. All events registered will be reviewed for suitability and Jean Hailes for Women’s Health reserves the right to decline to register an event if it does not match our organisation’s mission and values statements. Declining an event is at the discretion of Jean Hailes for Women’s Health.
  12. Event Hosts will ensure that any materials or events relating to Jean Hailes WHW are not used or run solely for the purpose of promoting personal/business interests, or for monetary gain by the organisers.
  13. Event Hosts will ensure that the event and all materials relating to WHW will not be used for any purpose, or in any way, which is unlawful, cruel, mean or disrespectful to anyone.
  14. Event Hosts have the option to have their event listed as either public or private on the WHW website. Private events will be listed with the event type, the organisation’s name (if applicable), the day of the event and suburb only, with the word ‘private’.
  15. When you submit content to the Jean Hailes WHW website in any format, including any text and photographs, you grant Jean Hailes for Women’s Health a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual licence to publish, transmit or otherwise use that content in any way, now and in the future (including on social media).
  16. Jean Hailes for Women’s Health reserves the right not to use or publish the content that Event Hosts submit.
  17. When you submit your content, you agree that you have all of the necessary rights, including copyright, in the content you contribute, that your content is not defamatory and that it does not infringe any law, and that all persons appearing in any images of text have consented to you submitting the photo as part of this campaign, including to Jean Hailes for Women’s Health’s right to use the material.
  18. Hosting an event is open to everyone.

Please be aware that Jean Hailes is unable to:

  • solicit sponsors, prizes or publicity for your events
  • solicit Jean Hailes Ambassadors for your event
  • share email or mailing lists of donors, vendors, staff or patients
  • provide any public liability insurance for any events organised by a third party
  • endorse any events that include telemarketing, door knocking or face-to-face collections, violent or dangerous activities, the sale or promotion of tobacco products or illegal drugs.