Kickstart your workplace's enthusiasm for good health and join the annual Women's Health Week campaign.

Women's Health Week is a perfect way to get your workplace or group talking about their health. This year we've created health information and activities tailored specifically for workplaces and groups.

We cover the important topics that women want to know about. Scroll down to see the content that's available now, and don't forget to visit the host an event page for more tips and ideas on bringing good health into your workplace.

Check your health

Access information on which health checks women need, download handy health check posters for your staff or group, and read more health-inspiring ideas for your workplace.

Healthy minds at work

Help your employees and managers to manage stress in the workplace with our downloadable posters, podcast and mental health tips.

Eat well, work well

How much does our diet and eating habits affect our energy and mental health at work? Learn how to eat mindfully and healthily.

Menopause and the workplace

Learn why menopause is a workplace issue and ways to support midlife women through the transition.

Moving more at work

It's time to make a move and be more active in the workplace. Download a motivating poster and brainstorm ways to overcome common barriers.

Working together - being active

Host an event

Raise awareness and share ideas and information about how to live a healthier life. Some ideas for workplace events include a healthy lunch, an exercise class, a guest speaker, a walking meeting, mindfulness training, or a team sport challenge.