Each year as Women’s Health Week grows bigger, costs associated with providing our ‘free’ resources also grow.

Whilst fundraising is not a mandatory part of hosting a Women’s Health Week event, if you or your organisation would like to fundraise or make a donation to support the work of Jean Hailes, the funds are very welcome.

Do I have to fundraise at my event?

There is no obligation to fundraise at your event, however as a not-for-profit organisation we gratefully accept donations. If you do decide to take donations at a Women’s Health Week event, as part of our T&Cs, we do request that the funds raised are passed on to Jean Hailes and not another organisation.  

What does the money raised go towards?

All donations go to helping Jean Hailes and the work we do in women’s health. Your donations will help fund our clinics, our research unit and the translation of research into practical educational tools for women all around Australia. 

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! All donations above $2 are tax deductible.  For more information on fundraising for Jean Hailes for Women’s Health, please see our Event Guide.  

Donated funds form (PDF)
Donor receipt request form (PDF)
Transferring donations to Jean Hailes (PDF)
Fundraising T&Cs (PDF)

Jean Hailes is a not-for-profit and registered charitable organisation.