The Supporter kit

Your complete guide to promoting Women's Health Week.

Find all the free promotional materials for sharing on your channels. Thank you for joining us and spreading the word of good health far and wide!

Images to download

Use these images on your social media channels and let your workplace, community, friends and family know about Women’s Health Week. There are also two additional images for online use. If you get stuck for words, we have some suggestions for accompanying text in the Supporter kit.
Dates & details | Social media

I can. We will | Social media

Invest… | Social media

My health first | Social media

My health first | Web banner

Dates & details | Web image


More promo material to download

Print out a campaign poster and pop it on display to encourage women to join the action! There is also one you can edit to include your own event details.
It’s time… | A4 Poster

The health of… | A4 poster

Editable A4 poster

Editable A4 poster - Version 2


Order promotional postcards

Would you prefer to promote Women's Health Week using hard-copy resources? These promotional postcards are the perfect way to get the word out. What's more, we'll send them to you free of charge. Simply choose which version(s) you would like, fill in the form and submit below.

DL promo postcards

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Add an Elephant pin to your jacket, or even your shoe, and support Women's Health Week. They are just $5 each. Or check out our new Supporter pack for $10.


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