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Cadance “Cady” Bell

Author and Screen Producer/Director

Cady Bell is an author and screen producer and director, and our first transgender women's health champion. Her message:

The amazing women in my life are tough cookies! My mum is known around town as 'The Dragon' - something she has asked to be put on her tombstone, along with a fake age. But there’s a flaw in their compassion - they’re so busy caring for everyone else that they forget to care for themselves.

I wouldn’t be a woman today if they hadn’t first shown me how, and my hope after a really turbulent few years is that we all remember how to care for ourselves again, so that compassion can continue to spread. Because you can’t love anyone else until you first love yourself. For me, that means undoing a few years worth of pandemic snacking! It seems I was trying to keep Covid away with caramel. I am changing my diet to be reflective of the role model I want to be, just as I was taught; this is the self care I need to be my best version for the ones I love.