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Alyssa Azar

Australian Mountain Climber

Alyssa Azar is an Australian high-altitude mountaineer. In 2016, she became the youngest Australian to ever summit Mt. Everest, and she held that record for six years. To date, Alyssa has successfully climbed Mount Everest twice, amongst completing many other challenging climbs and adventures across the world. Today, she continues to work as a brand ambassador and consultant with Mountain Designs.

Her message:

"To me, and the women in my community, good health means being able to thrive in life and not just survive.

Good health means having a great support network, as well as being able to rest and be at your best both mentally and physically. Good health to me means thriving in my life, and being able to bring the best version of myself to everything I do as a result. Being able to achieve great things and being able to take on rewarding challenges all starts with a solid foundation of good health. I have experienced first-hand in my own life the difference between being healthy and being in a healthy environment, and the difference between being unhealthy and in a toxic environment. When I am healthy, I am able to bring value and be a strong member of the community for those around me, I am able to inspire others, contribute, and take on challenges. Health to me also means having the right to a safe and calm home, to be physically safe, as well as the right to recovery and relaxation."