• Tara Moss

    Best-selling author, disability and human rights advocate

    "Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. I’m not talking about shopping or smelly bath bombs..."

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  • Karen Price MBBS, FRACGP

    President RACGP

    "Finding something to be thankful for every day is underrated... Be true to your uniquely beautiful inner self. Look after her first."

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  • Rosemary Kariuki

    Australian of the Year Local Hero 2021

    "Communities are the best way to pass on knowledge. By helping one woman we can maybe reach another thousand."

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  • Shelley Ware

    Media presenter, speaker and education consultant

    "Keep talking to others you trust, so you can stay mentally and emotionally strong."

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  • Ita Buttrose AC, OBE

    Journalist, author and ABC Chair

    "Women's Health Week is a wonderful initiative that reminds women that they need to think of good health as their number one asset."

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  • Tina McCarthy

    Founder, Wheel Women

    "I always think of Women’s Health Week as my week to do something that makes me healthier and happier.”

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  • Melissa Doyle AM

    Journalist, author and media presenter

    "Why did I spend so much time packing a healthy lunch box for my children every morning but spend only a few moments grabbing something on the run for myself?"

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  • Emily Quattrocchi

    Champion for good health

    "I also hope that as a Women’s Health Week ambassador, my story might inspire women of all abilities to never give up.”

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  • Janet Michelmore AO

    CEO & Patron, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health

    "Like many women, I haven’t always put my health first. Raising a family, working and looking after others always took priority."

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