It's all about you

Women's Health Week is a nation-wide campaign of events and online activities – all centred on improving women's health and helping you to make healthier choices. 

Every September, for one week, Women’s Health Week is a reminder to set aside time for your health and wellbeing. Make an appointment for a health check, get active, join an event or simply connect with other women. You don't have to do it alone.

What's involved?

In the lead up to the week, you’ll receive helpful information on how you can participate. Either getting together with friends, community and colleagues or maybe hosting an online event.

Then, on each day of Women's Health Week, we focus on an important women's health topic. You'll receive a daily email with videos, recipes, quizzes, articles and tools to help you unlock your own powers for good health. All the health information we produce is based on research and reviewed by our expert medical team.

Women, communities and workplaces are encouraged to get involved by hosting an event, sharing the health information and encouraging women, girls and gender diverse people from all corners of Australia to put good health first.

Why Women's Health Week?

In 2013, realising that there was no event dedicated to women's health in Australia, Jean Hailes for Women's Health ran the very first national Women's Health Week. Thousands of women across Australia subscribed to take part in a week of events and online activities, learning more their health.

Now in its 10th year, Women's Health Week is a celebration of women in Australia, women from all walks of life. In 2021 (despite a second year impacted by lockdowns and restrictions), more than 128,000 women participated in 2277 events, over 54,000 women subscribed to the online campaign and we reached over 3.6 million people via social media.

We are proud that Women's Health Week attracts the support of organisations, high profile ambassadors, businesses, community, sporting and media groups across the country.

Women's Health Week is recognised as the biggest week for women’s health and wellbeing in Australia and takes place annually in the first week of September.

About Jean Hailes

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is Australia's leading and most trusted women's health organisation.

We are a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving women’s health. We provide women with health information, resources and clinical care to assist them to actively manage their own health and wellbeing.

We believe in physical and emotional health and wellbeing in all its dimensions for all women in Australia throughout their lives.

About this year’s artwork

Tam Bower is an artist and illustrator based in Naarm (Melbourne). She draws from familiar movements in everyday life, relationships, and home to create expressions of emotion and vulnerability. Since graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), she has worked in early childhood education, fashion, and has now found her happy place as an illustrator.

Inspired by native gardens in springtime, I wanted to create a work of beauty that would evoke joy and hope.  I have used watercolour and ink to create something that I hope captures that exquisite moment when a new bud or flower appears in the garden. These small and simple moments which make up the days, months and years of our lives have guided me through some challenging times.” Tam Bower.

A wrap-up of Women's Health Week 2021

Women's Health Week 2021 snapshot